CITS Software Products


Fléx Software suite is the name given to the group of software products developed by CITS. They are named so because of flexibility in terms of simplicity, customization, integration and easy to use.

Fléx Contact Center

Fléx Contact Center solution is a call center / Contact center solution developed in Tanzania with local African content in mind. The solution has multiple installations to date and played a vital role in aiding CITS clients in Tanzanian to practice social distancing with their customers while offering services during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many Government and non-Government Institutions are presently running the latest version of Fléx Contact Center which supports integration with email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Google Messages, audio conferencing, and video conferencing.

Fléx Contact Center solution is pretty customizable to suit the unique needs of customers such as accommodating calls and other channels of communications, integration with other existing systems, and multitenant setup.

Fléx CRM

Fléx CRM is a Customer Relationship Management System that works with Call Center /Contact Center Solutions in capturing and keeping records of customers and their inquiries. The software has some built-in analytics that visualizes customer interactions and trends for management reporting. The integration between Fléx CRM and the Contact Center Solution is seamless. Service delivery workflows and client service charter SLAs can well be configured in the system to track compliance and ensure performance bottlenecks. The collected data, therefore, helps in measuring customer queues, contact center staff performance as well as the effectiveness of the contact center in giving value to the customers.

Fléx Fx

Fléx Fx is a foreign exchange management system for managing and reporting foreign exchange transactions with account holders, corporate clients, walk-in clients, and other banks. The system controls compliance limits for daily transactions in walk-in clients.

Fléx Fx software has features that enable capturing and attaching scanned documents such as photos of ID for identification and verification of clients. Fléx Fx can be integrated with other payment systems within the banking environment to ensure a fluid flow of data and reporting.

Fléx Performance

Fléx Performance is a performance, productivity, and talent management software for helping organizations monitor and evaluates the execution and results of the strategy, projects, and ad hoc responsibilities by employees. The software measures employee potential and assists HR Professionals in employee retention and development.
We call Fléx Performance a “Productivity Thermometer” in that it measures not only performance but also the productivity of human capital at the organizational, department, and employee levels. It has built-in tools for HR & Payroll management, recruitment management, training management, and task assignment. The software has a number of statutory and non-statutory reports to assist the organization meets its reporting obligations.

Fléx Asset

Fléx Asset is a software product for managing fixed assets and property from procurement application to asset operations and disposal. The system tracks status, faulty incidents, warranty and SLA, movements, book value, maintenance cost over time, maintenance schedules, and disposal. Fléx Asset uses mobile App technology for alerts/reminders, incident reporting, reports dashboards, asset audits, and asset disposal.

Fléx Boardroom

Fléx Boardroom is software for a paperless boardroom for the board and executive management’s effectiveness and flexibility. It securely manages the entire range of board activities from meeting invitations, venue reservations, sharing of board packs, task assignments, annotations, reminders, approvals, and voting.